Love Lola

Do I really want that teddy? Shall I bring it back, to throw? I feel obliged to fetch it. I don’t really want to go. Please, can you just keep it? Don’t throw it anymore. I’ve had enough. I’m fed up. I’d rather tug and gnaw. Love Lola ¬©Lorraine Dancer 22

Back on Track

I have had a bit of a dilemma, and it has taken me a little time to decide what to do. I published my second Picture Book in October, last year, and I wasn’t sure if I should continue to self-publish. However, I do enjoy the process – So here it goes – I’m back…… Continue reading Back on Track

Decisions, decisions!

I’ve been busy illustrating Bedtime Steps – 123… I’m aiming to release this little book in August, but I am still unsure about Bear’s colours. Just a sneaky preview. I’ll continue to work with this until I’m happy! Any ideas?


I have been writing a little story about a solitary bee. Now, I know my little image is not exactly as a bee should be, but I thought he looked cute. Why the story about a solitary bee? Well, last year, we had a solitary bee that had made a little hole in the wall,…… Continue reading Buzzing!

Just a little update!

I’ve been busy this week. I had decided to re-draw my Lots of Fish illustrations. I thought it might be nice to have a printed version of the story, and so, I’ve been re-working the images. I’m now using a different software, and I thought it would be a challenge, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.…… Continue reading Just a little update!