I have been writing a little story about a solitary bee.
Now, I know my little image is not exactly as a bee should be, but I thought he looked cute.
Why the story about a solitary bee?
Well, last year, we had a solitary bee that had made a little hole in the wall, just above our kitchen window. 
It would fly in and out all day, and I was worried that it was a wasp, and that there was a nest. However, after doing a little research, I realised it wasn't a wasp, and that I had nothing to worry about. Apparently, solitary bees are not aggressive, and they are great pollinators.  
For more info:
There is a solitary bee week 28th June - 4th July 2021, and you can buy bricks with holes in them!

Just a little update!


I've been busy this week. 
I had decided to re-draw my Lots of Fish illustrations. I thought it might be nice to have a printed version of the story, and so,  I've been re-working the images.
I'm now using a different software, and I thought it would be a challenge, but I've been pleasantly surprised. I've enjoyed it - a bit unnerving, really. I haven't encountered any complications as of yet. All good, so far...

A Little bit of reading…

Thought I’d start the new year off with a Little bit of reading. It’s my favourite pastime and I couldn’t think of anything better –

I love the process of creating characters and mystical worlds. Writing takes you on a journey like no other. Sometimes it’s an easy ride, but often, it’s a winding pathway that’s laden with obstacles. You never know what is going to happen or where you are going to go. Exciting!

Happy New Year!