It is worth it, isn’t it?

I have enjoyed writing for many years. I never really took it seriously, I just penned the odd rhyme or ditty. 
If I had a deep and meaningful moment, I'd write about it with some superiority, thinking that I had the answers, a Queen of the conundrum, and a literary genius.  
I didn't have the answers (laughing hysterically) and I wasn't a genius, but that is how writing made me feel. It made me feel good about myself and that is great. 
It is worth it, isn't it?

It is the process that I enjoy the most. 
The journey, with it's twists and turns. You never know where you're going or what your imagination will conjure up. It's your adventure, and you're with it until the end. Then, there is the relief and satisfaction of a completed draft. It is like no other feeling, along with the sense of achievement. 
It is worth it, isn't it?

Now, I'd love to be traditionally published, and for an agent or publisher to snap me up, but it's been four years since graduating, and it's a tough territory that I have chosen - I'm not groaning and grumping - I'm just sharing. 
It is worth it, isn't it?

So, swim the unknown waters 
Write and doodle as you go
You may meet with a feisty fish
But try, you never know...


It’s early!

I woke up early this morning, 4:20. 
Normally, I'm a pretty positive person, but this morning, I had a black rat gnawing at my brain. The rat spat as he chewed, and negative thoughts were released. I was a bumbling mess of snot and tears - not a good look, I can tell you! 
Now, I am not usually self-absorbed, and I have no major issues or burdens, as such. So, I need to grab a hold and smile. Therefore, instead of drawing a brain gnawing rat - I have decided to share a smile (much more positive).
©Lorraine Dancer 21

Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post!
I have been busy creating illustrations for my new book Bedtime Steps…, and turning some images into cards.
I am pleased to say, the cards are selling at Hayling Creatives – Yay!

But, this blog is about distractions and the uncomfortable task of self-promotion.
Yes! I know, many of us suffer from this.
I have been posting daily on FB and Instagram to promote the new shop and the beautiful art that we sell.
I wish I could be as enthusiastic about my own work, but I’m not – I procrastinate and think who would want to know?
I think we (creatives) need a boost of boastfulness – just once in a while, to get things started.
Is this the blog to do that?