Story Ideas

Thanks to Tara Lazar’s Storystorm, I have lots to work with over the next few months. 
I admit, my imagination didn’t always want to shine. Sometimes it hid within a big black cloud, and I was lucky if I could catch a sprinkle of an idea. 
Thankfully, I caught enough to be getting on with, and I now have the pleasurable task of extending those ideas. 
I want a magical journey with a charismatic character who, along the way, meets with a problem. They battle to try and solve that problem, and then, without the help of an adult, they overcome that problem. 
Creating a story is similar to planting a seed and watching it grow. 
We have the initial story idea, but then you have to build on it, layer by layer. 
In my case, creating a story can be like planting an oak tree. It can take years to get it right.    


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